My Essence

I am a persistent wind – a tailwind for people to move forward, a headwind for those going the wrong way and a sidewind to keep people on track.

My Blessing

I awake people and make them aware.

I do this step-by-step:

  1. Blow – blowing away the ‘dust and dirt’ (“WTF!”)
  2. Awake – “Hey, wake up! See the opportunities here!”
  3. Clarify – turning problems and opportunities into destinations.
  4. Show Pathways – “We can do this, we can do that ….”
  5. Urgency – “But we have to do something!”
  6. Choose – “This will be our destination”
  7. Confidence: Stretch, trust and discipline – “Go ahead, drive!”

My Mission

To bring the world in balance!

My Message

You can’t get a picture when you’re inside the frame.